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The Aliquot Preview

Aug 11, 2023

Having a healthy body composition, with plenty of lean mass – in the form of muscle and bones – is essential for health throughout the lifespan. Achieving a healthy body composition requires a balanced approach that emphasizes resistance training – and calorie reduction where appropriate.

In this Aliquot, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld describes a balanced approach to maximizing muscle growth and strength and dispels early myths about possible blunting effects of aerobic training, the need to train to failure, and the "go heavy or go home" philosophy.
Here's what you'll find in this episode...
  • (00:00) Can resistance training amplify fat loss?
  • (03:33) Why weight loss burns muscle — and how to prevent it
  • (06:25) The role of protein in muscle preservation
  • (08:21) Does aerobic exercise blunt gains?
  • (16:07) The role of failure in resistance training
  • (18:29) Reps-in-reserve vs. training to failure
  • (24:37) Lighter loads and higher volume — an effective route to hypertrophy
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