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The Aliquot Preview

Apr 4, 2022

Autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis occur when the immune system mistakes the body's own proteins for those released by invading pathogens. The immune system has strategies for filtering these autoimmune cells out of circulation; however, this filter can malfunction due to age, genetic predisposition, disruption of the gut barrier and gut microbiota, or other environmental exposures. In this episode of the Aliquot podcast, we'll discuss autoimmunity and how childhood exposure to germs, dietary fiber intake, and fasting can build a healthy and balanced immune system.
  • (00:00) Introduction
  • (02:06) Childhood exposure to germs educates the immune system (Eran Elinav segment)
  • (08:51) Environment has more influence over the microbiome than genes 
  • (12:42)  The conversation between gut bacteria and the immune system (Sonnenberg segment)
  • (15:51) Fiber feeds friendly bacteria and attenuates immune overactivity
  • (19:15) Prolonged fasting resets autoimmunity (Valter Longo segment)
  • (22:55) Fasting is an opportunity to repair the body

Watch the full episode featuring Dr. Eran Elinav

Watch the full episode featuring Drs. Erica & Justin Sonnenburg

Watch the full episode featuring Dr. Valter Longo

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