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The Aliquot Preview

Feb 16, 2022

Early studies of omega-3 fatty acid intake demonstrated dramatic biological effects. Since then, the body of research enumerating the profound anti-inflammatory and multi-system, generalized health-promoting qualities of omega-3s continues to grow; however, some studies fail to show any effects from omega-3 supplementation. This source of consternation may, by and large, boil down to low doses, raising the question: what is the right dose of omega-3 to use? 

In this Aliquot, Dr. Bill Harris shares his experience administering some of the largest omega-3 doses ever used in human trials and gives his recommendations about optimal dosage taking genes and diet into account.
  • (00:00) Intro
  • (01:51) Tolerability of very high doses (25 grams or more)
  • (14:35) Why dose titration based on the RBC test is better than ball-parking
  • (15:58) The right dose for 95% of typical Westerner
  • (16:30) Why 4 grams might be better than 2 grams for some people
  • (20:00) How the FDA decided on dosage for prescription omega-3
  • (21:05) Does the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio matter?
  • (22:49) Concluding thoughts

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