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The Aliquot Preview

Aug 11, 2023

Having a healthy body composition, with plenty of lean mass – in the form of muscle and bones – is essential for health throughout the lifespan. Achieving a healthy body composition requires a balanced approach that emphasizes resistance training – and calorie reduction where appropriate.

In this Aliquot, Dr....

Apr 18, 2023

Your skin is a crucial barrier to the outside world – the first line of defense against environmental exposures, and the primary means by which the body retains fluids necessary for survival. Consequently, maintaining a healthy skin barrier is important for your overall health. 
In this Aliquot, I describe some...

Jan 14, 2023

Incorporating resistance training into your exercise regimen presents a scheduling dilemma – there's simply not enough time. Performing time-efficient workouts that involve supersets, paired sets, drop sets, and multi-joint exercises decrease training time while providing the minimum effective dose necessary for...